Can A Pawn Shop Sell My Pawned Item?




March 10, 2020

If you pawn an item at the Sportsman’s Pawn Shop, you still own it. While the item is in our care, it is our responsibility to make sure it remains safe and sound. We ensure all provided accessories including cords, remotes, and adaptors stay together.

For example, let's say you pawn a stereo system with speakers, a remote, a media player and all necessary cords. In exchange for the items, our pawn shop loans you cash based on their worth. Loan terms typically last 30 days. During this time, your products are stored in a safe place away from the selling area. Once you've paid the loan amount, we return all items back to you at no extra cost.

In the case you are unable to pay your loan, you can forfeit your item and the loan will be cleared at no cost. In this case, the pawn shop then has the ability to sell the item for purchase in store.

Sportsmans Pawn Utah

Unlike other pawn shops, we accept large collateral such as cars or heavy machinery and store them for you.

The Sportsman’s Pawn shops are fully insured for the loan value of the collateral we keep. We buy and sell a variety of items including Gold & Jewelry, Guns & Ammo, Sporting Goods, Instruments, Electronics, Movies & Games, and more!

Looking to get some fast cash? Bring in almost anything of value and we can establish the item’s worth to determine how much to loan you.

Check out our two store locations for available products and prices.

Murray: 4081 State Street Murray, UT 84107. Phone: 801-281-0073

West Valley: 3930 S Redwood Rd. West Valley, UT 84123. Phone: 801-924-1228

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