Get Cash For Your Old Baseball or Softball Bats


Sarah Rodgers


March 17, 2020

Baseball bats are an amazing tool used in the famous sport of baseball. What would we do without baseball? This fantastic sport is an all-time favorite for most sports geeks, and it’s a well-known sport around the world. But what makes baseball so great? Ever since it was created it’s been a beloved sport by people both big and small. This sport gathered families together in a celebration and always had a massive audience of loving fans. 

What kinds of bats can I pawn?

Sportsman’s Pawn Shop allows you to pawn any type or brand of bat as long as it is in good condition. Most pawn shops aren’t willing to take broken or damaged bats unless they were owned by someone famous. If you want to get more for your bat make sure to clean it up before you bring it into the shop. Remember, your bats condition and brand will determine how much your bat is worth. 

What brands of baseball and softball bats can I pawn?

As stated in the paragraph above, we take all brands and sizes of bats. But, there are some brands that are more valuable than others based on its popularity. Some of the most famous and well loved bats incluse:

The Easton

The Easton is a famous brand that is known for being a leader in product development. The Easton Salvo is very popular in the industry and has an end loaded feel, making it very popular for prospectors. 

Louisville Slugger

The Louisville Slugger is known all around the world as the most famous baseball bat, why? The Louis Slugger was one of the first brands ever invented and it also was in high demand when it was first discovered. 


The Demarini is a beloved brand for baseball and softball players alike. This brand of bat is known for being crafted with power. This bat is a great high performance catch for many players around. 


The Rawlings bat is known for having a great balanced feel and offering a terrific pop. They are also known for giving you the improved feel because of it’s lighter feel at the end, making it swing faster 


The Miken bat is known for having great power and gives a popping swing. Even new owners say this bat helps them swing better and faster on pitches. 


The Marrucci is known for giving a better bat swing because of its light weight material an balanced composite design

Do pawn shops sell baseball and softball bats?

Yes! A pawn shop is a great place to buy softball and baseball bats for cheap. You also get the chance to use a bat that is already broken in, meaning your swings will only get better. We also have a lounge variety of options for you to choose from, so you can have your choices all in the same place. 

Are you wanting to buy a baseball or softball bat for cheap? Sportsman’s Pawn Shop is the place to go! We have a large variety of sizes and brands for you to choose from. Come into our shop today to find the bat that is right for you. You can call us up at (801) 938-3807 or visit our shop today


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