Pawn Your Old Basketballs




June 21, 2019

Basketball is an all time favorite sport for a lot of people, which means old basketballs might be easier to come by. Whether they are laying around in your room, collecting dust or up in your attic, why not just trade it in for some quick cash?

What kind of basketballs can I sell?

Basketballs vary from brand and size to even color, all of these types types can be sold at a pawn shop, depending on the quality of course. Top brands include Wilson, Spalding, Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Reebok, and Molten. These all can be sold to a pawn shop.

What is my old basketball worth?

How much your old basketball is worth will definitely depend on the brand, size, and most certainly the quality, the amount can range from $1 to even $20. Please note we do not buy broken or damaged sports balls, but we do buy and sell good quality sports equipment.  

History of Basketball

In December of 1891, Springfeild, Massachutes a man named Dr. James Naismith decided to invent a sport that would help condition athletes during cold months. He gathered two peach baskets and a soccer ball. The objective of the game was to shoot the soccer ball into the peach basket which was nailed to the lower railing of the gyms balcony. At first when the game was over and a team made the shot into the basket, they would call up the school janitor to come and remove the ball from the basket using a ladder, later they decided they would remove the bottom of the peach basket. When Dr. James Naismith was deciding what they should call the game, they asked him if he wanted to name it after himself, he answered with “We have a ball and a basket, why don’t we call it basketball.”

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