Pawn Your Old Power Drill




December 20, 2019

Get Cash for Your Old Power Drill

Do you need cash fast and don’t know what to do in order to get it? Why not just pawn your old hammer drill. Like most pawn shops we buy and sell power tools. From top brands and sizes, we buy it all. Most people know that you can sell items to a pawn shop, but not a lot of people know you can also pawn your items as collateral. You give us your item for a loan in cash and when you come back with the loan payment we give the item back, that simple. 

Power Drills for Pawn Shops 

While a lot of people jump to pawn their cars, motorcycles, or electronics not everyone knows it’s just as easy to pawn your old hammer drill or tools. Hammer Drills are used all across the world and are a top pick when finding a birthday present for a father or uncle, and that’s why they are in such high demand. That means more cash for you!

Power Drill Condition 

The value of your hammer drill depends on the make, model, and condition. Just like cars or phones, certain power drills carry a better brand than others do. A high-value hammer drill would be a drill that is made by a highly requested builder or brand. Other factors that may increase the value when you pawn your old hammer drill are: age, condition and what accessories it comes with.

Power Drill Accessories 

In addition to the hammer drill, if it has accessories that make it easier to use or more valuable such as batteries, chargers or bits. it will most definitely be sold for a better price. Sportsman's Pawn is always willing to increase the price if there is a bundle that makes the item more accessible and draws more attention to customers. 

Pawning or Selling Power Tool Equipment

Our pawn shop works two ways, pawning new or used items and selling them. When you sell an item to our pawn shop, it is just like selling your item to anyone else.  You hand over the item, they give you the money, and the deal is done. The likelihood of you ever recovering your item after trading it into a pawn shop is slim to none.  A pawn works like a collateral loan, you bring in an item of value, and the pawn shop will loan you the money with the understanding that your item is returned when the loan is repaid.

Whenever you go into our pawn shop, bring as much information as you can. Bring pictures of your latest find, show the gear in motion, document what type of tool it is, or who made it.  Anything that is expensive, noteworthy, or particularly valuable should be pointed out so the pawnshop owner can evaluate everything and offer you a fair price.

If you don't find what you're looking for on our site that doesn't mean that we don't have or accept it.

Call us at (801) 938-3807 to check to see if we have a certain item or if we can accept your items for pawn.



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