Can You Give a Quote on an Item Over the Phone?




December 20, 2019

It’s really hard to get a quote on items when you have to go drive out to find out how much money an object is worth, especially if you are constantly wanting quotes on lots of different items. And so the answer is Yes, you can get a quote over the phone. But it is a lot harder to get the specific amount for the item you are trying to sell if you do get the quote over the phone, but  you still can get a good estimate. Here’s some easy things to get from your item  in order to make it a lot easier for you and the person you will be talking with to get you the best quote possible over the phone.


To make it easier for you and the person on the phone make sure you have all the information needed in order to make it a fast easy process. Here are a few things you should have when getting a quote over the phone.


The condition of the object you are selling is very important. For example if you want to get a quote on a fancy guitar and you forget to mention that all the strings are broken off, you are going to end up getting the wrong price for your quote on the guitar you are selling. Make sure and be very specific as far as the condition of your item goes. Mention things like whether it has dents, scratches, stains, rubs,  or anything that could cause someone to not want to buy the object.


Brands are also very important. Depending on where it was produced can be a huge help when trying to get a quote over the phone, such as whether it was produced by a high graded brand company or a low graded brand company, this will help decide a lot of what kind of quote you will receive. You can also trying googling an item and that should tell you the best brands for the item you are selling and also have a price of how much that brand item would cost brand new.


This is one that’s not needed for all objects mostly furniture and antiques.


Photos can be very important when trying to get a quote on your item because when  your trying to explain an item you are selling its nice to have a picture for the person you are talking with to see the item and exactly what your trying to explain to them and this can usually be done over an email, that way they can give you a quote as accurate as possible according to what they see and the information you tell them and that will help you get a quote that matches your item.


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