Where Can I Go to Get My Jewelry Appraised?


Sarah Rodgers


December 31, 2020

Where Can I Go to Get My Jewelry Appraised?

What is an Appraisal?

An appraisal is the value of an item, house, property, business, collectible, or antique given by a professional authorized person. Appraisers can be used for taxation purposes or to decide the selling price of a valuable item. 

Jewelry is a fashion icon that will never go out of style. Precious gem’s beauty will never change and the gorgeous glimmer of diamonds and gold will continue to catch the eyes of people around the world.

There are a lot of people that use the appraisal as a way of determining the price of their jewelry. Either so that they can sell it online or to give it a price for value records. 

If you want to get your jewelry appraised for selling or other reasons here are some great places you can go to to find out how much your jewelry is worth. 

Places you can go to get your jewelry appraised

There are a lot of places that will accept your item to get an appraisal. But make sure that when you are getting your jewelry appraised you ask specifically for a professional authorized appraiser. There may be a lot of scammers out there that offer to buy your jewelry for way cheaper than its actual worth. Then make you think you are receiving a deal. This is why it might be smart to get your jewelry appraised by two or three people.

Most Jewelry Shops

Jewelry shops are known for being able to determine the price of the jewelry. That is how they know what price to sell their jewelry for. Jewelry shops may be able to determine the price of valuable stones, gold, diamonds, silver, and other precious jewelry. However, if you are visiting a diamond shop they may not be able to appraise other types of jewelry. If you plan to get your gold appraised here make sure it is real before entering the shop. 

Pawn Shops

Pawnshops are a great place to go to. In fact not only can they appraise your valuable jewelry, they can also appraise almost anything of value. Such as antiques, power tools, equipment, and so much more. Sportsmans Pawn Shop is actually a great place to get your items appraised. Also, if you are interested in selling your jewelry this is also a great place to get some fast easy cash. 

Diamond Companies

If you are selling any type of diamond jewelry you might want to consider getting your item appraised at a diamond company. They will usually know the most about diamonds and their purity. 

Appraisal Services

There are shops specifically designed for appraising jewelry. Sometimes they will sell and buy jewelry as well but giving appraisals is what they are known for. In order to find an appraisal service, you can just type “Appraisal Services near me.” in Google.

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