Where to Sell Guitars


Sarah Rodgers


January 15, 2020

Guitars, like most musical instruments, are very widely known and used all around the world in various continents and countries. Because of this, there are also a lot of different places that will pay you for your old guitars. Lots of people on online stores look for good guitars. But selling your old guitar can be very time consuming and takes longer than most people are willing to wait. So where can you sell your guitars fast and easy? Pawn Shops are some of the best places to sell your old guitars. They also make it quick and easy to do.

The best part about selling your guitar to a pawn shop is they also have a huge variety of guitars in stock. So if you're looking to get a better guitar and want to advance your music guitar skill, they have plenty of options to choose from, and at a lower price than you'd find somewhere else. Plus, who knows, maybe the guitar you buy next could have been owned and played by someone famous.

Want to know a good pawnshop? Sportsman's Pawn Shop is dedicated to giving you the best price possible for your guitar. We treat you the same as our customers, with respect and courtesy. Keeping your best interest in mind and making it easier than ever to sell your guitar. 

What kind of guitars do pawn shops buy?

At Sportsman's Pawn Shop, we are interested in buying any brand, model, and make. Here are just a few brands that are popular for a pawnshop. Fascinating designers have built these brands to make the best high-quality guitars around.

  • Gibson
  • Fender
  • PRS
  • G&L
  • Rickenbacker
  • Martin
  • Washburn
  • Seagull
  • Yamaha
  • Ovation
  • Epiphone
  • Taylor
  • Guild

We also buy more brands than these and can even buy your guitar equipment, whether you want to sell it as a set or just the equipment alone. You can also visit our homepage if you are interested in finding out about more items we are willing to buy and sell. If you are interested in selling other types of musical instruments, we can help! 

Can I get a loan from my guitar?

Yes, if you are not interested in selling your guitar but you still need some extra cash Sportsman's Pawn Shop can give you a cash loan for a fraction of what your guitar is worth and when you are ready to get your guitar back it is all yours once you make the payments on your loan. 

Thank you for reading, "Where to Sell Guitars." If you are interested in selling your guitar but you don't know if the pawnshop is the right place for you, you can always call and get a quote over the phone. That way, you won't have to waste your time coming into the shop if you aren't happy with the price. Call us at (801) 938-3807 or contact us online for more details. Have a beautiful day!!!


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