Why is Gold Valuable


Sarah Rodgers


March 10, 2020

Gold, for years, has always been a precious valuable. But why? What makes this metal so unique and expensive? While no one knows the exact time and place gold was discovered, or when it became valuable, we do know that it was used in ancient times as a source of money and riches. Even back in biblical times was gold seen as expensive and unique. But even though it’s hard to say when it started to become valuable, there are a few things that show us why. Keep reading to find out what they are.

It doesn’t deteriorate over time. 

Unlike most metals, gold can not be destroyed or ruined over time. Metals like copper, steel, iron, and bronze can all contain rust and get destroyed over time, while gold remains smooth and elegant with little to no damage. 

Attractive Color

Since the beginning of time, gold has been known for its impressive shiny and smooth color. It is also believed to be the first metal to be fashioned to other items. The amazing unique bright color causes natural attraction to the eye. Gold is also a great fit and match for brilliant gems, making it a trendy fit for most people, because of this jewelry is the largest use for mined gold. Another unique thing about gold is that Au is the symbol used to identify gold, which comes from the Greek word aurum, which means “glow of sunshine.” 


Gold is one of the rarest metals on earth. The main reason it is so valuable is because of this. To put this in perspective, let’s imagine digging out four tons of rock from the earth’s surface and then crushing it, to find one small gram of gold. The work and effort it takes to get a small piece of gold helps us realize why it’s worth so much. While gold is not the only rare valuable out there, it is definitely hard to acquire if you don’t know where to go. There are other metals almost as rare as gold but aren’t considered precious either because they are too limited or their attraction is not like that of gold. I suppose that if gold were less rare and easier to obtain, fewer people would want it, therefore decreasing its value.

Chemical Properties

Gold has a lot of properties that make it very valuable. First off, out of all the metals out there, gold is one of the most pliable and malleable. Meaning that it can flex and mold better than any other metal. It also doesn’t oxidize, making it easy and simple to use. 

Fun Facts

  • Gold has saved lives

            Not only is gold valuable and rare, but it has also played a role in saving lives. Before, gold was only used in the medical field as tooth fillings               and dentures, but today it has been used to treat arthritis and the use of coating implants. That’s not all; it has also been used as a base for             experimental medicines to fight against antibiotic-resistant superbug infections. One thing that is vastly changing in the medical field is the               use of nanoparticles to fight off cancers. 

  • Gold is used to make pregnancy tests
  • Gold is used for Spacecrafts

Get the Benefit from Your Gold

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