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Bracelets are an awesome adornment for various events, for men and women. On account of its diverse styles, sizes, and shapes, it is one of a woman's most loved adornments. In the event you have a pleasant wedding coming up, an intriguing date, a cool gathering, or a unique night with the one you adore, come visit any one of our pawn shops in Utah. We have pawn shops in West Valley and Murray.

Choosing your bracelet style:
Here is a list of the most popular ones:

Bangle Bracelets
Are made in a solid circle so that they can freely slide up and down on your forearm. These are perfect for large wrists.

Cuff Bracelets
Have a solid style similar to a Bangle, but with an opening at the bottom. These are easy to resize, and look good on any wrist size.

Link Bracelets
There are multiple styles from gold, silver, diamond, and with all kinds of gemstones. They are easy to size, and look good on any wrist size.

Tennis Bracelets
Are made of a continuous line of gemstones on each link.

Chain Bracelets
Are made from a series of metal links. There are a wide variety of weights and styles.

Come check out the style that is perfect for you!

Should I Sell My Diamond Bracelet?

Selling your diamond bracelet is not something that should be taken lightly.  Once it's sold the chances of getting it back if you change your mind are very slim.

Making Money Sense: For many individuals, selling their bracelet is simply a financial decision.  If you have some type of attachment to your jewelry, check your priorities...

Create Positivity: If you don't need the money – make a charitable donation, or use it to buy a nice gift for your children or friends. Take a vacation, or buy yourself something to start out your next chapter.

Make a Swap: Sometimes you just want something different.  Come to any of our pawn shops in Utah. Our stores are a great place to make a swap for your old diamond necklace with something new, different, and unique to you.Our Pawn Shops are open Monday through Saturday!

Cash Loans Vs. Selling Gold Bracelet

If you are unsure whether you can part with your gold bracelet, you can opt for a pawn loan instead of an outright sale.Simply take your bracelet to one of our pawn shops in Salt Lake and get an all-cash loan for 30-60 days. After the loan period is over, you can decide whether to keep the money and forget about the bracelet, or return the money (with interest) and get back your bracelet back.

How much is my Bracelet Worth?

It is imperative to do your homework and know what you have before coming to our pawn shop. If you know who purchased it, where, and when – you can probably find the exact information for your bracelet.Jewelry stores are great in keeping records... While the intrinsic value of your diamond bracelet has little to do with how much you paid, it will still give you valuable information on the material, quality, weight, etc.

Their values are determined similarly to those of other jewelry items, according to size, shape, color, quality of surface,orient and luster. All factors being equal, however, the larger the diamonds the more valuable it is.

If you're not sure where it was purchased, you can still get information on your bracelet from a local jewelery store.It is important to understand what your bracelet is made of, and to have any details you can gather about the gems, diamonds, or any other information on your bracelet before going to the pawn shop to sell or trade.

If you don't find what you're looking for here that doesn't mean that we don't have or accept it.Call Sportsmans Pawn Shop in Utah to check to see if we have a certain item or if we can accept your pawn item.

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