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Cash My Guitar in Murray, UT

Sometimes life happens, and you need cash and you need it fast. At Sportsman's Pawn, we provide resources when you are in a difficult situation. Whether you need quick cash for an emergency, past due bills, or make living expenses until payday, pawning is one way to make ends meet.

Musical instruments of any kind typically yield fairly high rates at pawnshops. Guitars are some of the most highly sought after instruments, they are popular among both new and experienced musicians making them popular in pawnshops.

How Much is My Guitar Worth?

It can be difficult to determine the exact value of your guitar because of the wide range of instruments on the market. How much your guitar might be worth depends on the condition, brand, age, and features in your instrument. Start by looking up your guitar on eBay; search the listings to find an instrument that is as close to yours as possible. Watch what listings are available, and how much they are selling for. A pawnshop will likely give you approximately half of what your guitar may sell for on eBay.

Vintage, Collectors, or Signed Instruments

Just because a guitar is old does not mean it is valuable. Typically, newer guitars will bring in more cash from a pawn, but there are exceptions to the rule. Pawnshops are always looking for a rare and valuable guitar, so if you have a vintage, collector, or signed guitar, it could be worth big bucks. Unique items are what pawnshops strive for, so they will bring significantly more value to your instrument.

If a guitar is signed, any type of authorization or certificate of authenticity is highly recommended to ensure it is genuine. For vintage or collectors guitars, bring any additional information with you to the pawnshop as evidence of the guitar value. Vintage or collectors guitars are valued based on the condition, brand, year, and any special features, colors, decals, etc.

Pawning vs. Selling Instruments and Guitar

Before you head to the pawnshop, know your options. Whether your guitar is your prized possession, or it is gathering dust in the corner, you have two main options when you pawn your guitar:

Pawning: For quick cash, you can use your guitar as collateral for a cash loan from a pawnshop. Simply hand in the guitar, take the cash, and come back within the loan term limits to pay back the loan, with interest, and pick up your original guitar.

Selling: If you have a valuable guitar you are looking to get rid of, the pawnshop can make you an offer to purchase the guitar outright, no strings attached.

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