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With the advancement of smartphones, many of the sophisticated digital cameras of yesterday are now gathering dust in the closet. Your unused digital camera may be worth more than you expect. Pawning or selling a digital camera that you no longer use may be the best way to get the cash you need to pay for an unexpected medical bill, flat tire, plane ticket, or next month's rent.

No matter how sophisticated your smartphone gets, they simply cannot replace the value of a digital camera. Because professional and amateur photographers in your area will always use a digital camera, they are a high demand item for pawnshop owners.

Pawning Your Camera

Most pawnshops are happy to help you pawn or sell any camera, but you must understand what type of camera you have in order to know what to expect.

Film Cameras: The market for film cameras is virtually non-existent. In order to get value for your film camera, it needs to have some intrinsic value in either the uniqueness or vintage nature of the camera. The typical point-and-shoot film camera is worth virtually nothing to a pawnshop. Finding a buyer for a film camera is even more difficult, which is why you may have a hard time selling a film camera to a pawnshop.

Point-and-Shoot Digital Cameras: This is a tricky area because some point-and-shoot digital cameras are truly valuable and some are useless. It depends on the make, model, and year of the camera. Take as much information as possible to the pawnshop including any special features, accessories, and the owner's manual if possible.

DSLR Cameras: The market for digital cameras is thriving, especially newer DSLR cameras used by professionals. These cameras are easy to recognize because they are typically larger, and the lens cap comes off the front (i.e. it is not retractable). If you have a working DSLR camera that is in decent condition, it is worth stopping by the pawnshop to see what it might be worth.

If you have a DSLR camera with additional lenses, be sure to take all of the lenses, camera bag, and accessories into the pawn shop with you, after all – you won't need the lenses if you pawn the camera, so take in the entire digital bundle and increase your value.

Before You Sell Your Camera To a Pawn Shop

Be sure to take an empty memory card with you, this is the best way to show the pawn shop owner that the camera still works and adds a little value to the item. Be sure the camera is fully charged, and bring any backup batteries, chargers, or cords that go with the camera. If you happen to have the original box, manual, or paperwork that will increase the value even more.

Pawn or Sell Your Photo Camera?

If you are not ready to sell your digital camera, consider pawning it instead. Pawning still gets you the cash you need, but it is offered in the form of a short-term loan. The camera is used as collateral and once you pay back the cash, the camera is returned to you.

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