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Telescopes are one of the most commonly unused items in households. Sometimes they may have been inherited, or bought during a brief stint of astronomy interest, but often remain forgotten. Instead of letting your telescope gather dust, it could be worth big bucks from your local pawnshop.

Tuning Your Telescope

Before attempting to sell your telescope, it is important to make a few tweaks and make sure it works well. First, ensure the telescope is stable. A telescope that wobbles and vibrates when it is used makes it difficult to see anything clearly, and is a sign of a cheaply made telescope. The tripod that support the scope should be strong and even by tightening the wing nuts at the bottom, shortening the tripod as much as you can, and if necessary, hanging a weight from the bottom. Next, clean the entire telescope including any parts, accessories, case, and lenses. The few extra minutes that it takes to add a little shine to your telescope will pay off at the pawnshop. Last, ensure you have any additional accessories that may add value to the telescope. Additional eyepieces may add an exceptional value to any standard telescope.

Selling vs. Pawning Your Telescope

There are two ways to get quick cash for your telescope from a pawnshop, and you do not necessarily have to give up your astronomy equipment if you are not sure about selling it. Pawnshops will offer small value, short-term loans in exchange for valuable astronomy equipment. This can be a great way to get enough cash to make it to payday, pay off the loan as soon as possible, and then your equipment is returned to you. If you would rather sell your equipment outright, the local pawnshop is one of the best ways to get an instant offer within one day and sell your equipment to a shop that can find another owner who will make good use of unused equipment.

What's Your Telescope Worth?

Your scope may have been a gift, or it might be a more modest model, but that does not mean it is not valuable. One of the best ways to determine the value of your telescope is to see what similar models are selling for on eBay, Amazon, or other web postings. Keep in mind that pawnshops still have to resale the item, so they will typically offer you 40 -60 percent of full resale value, but there is still benefit to getting cash, today, on the spot. The most valuable telescopes to a pawnshop are those that are particularly unique, expensive, or those with bells and whistles that set them apart from the typical telescope. Pawnshops are also especially interested in items that are exceptionally old, classified as vintage. Generally, vintage items should be nearing 100 years old.

Regardless of the details of your particular telescope, if you need money fast, selling or pawning your items is one of the easiest ways to get quick cash for your valuable equipment.

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