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Even if you haven't played in years, there may be cash stowed in that red velvet case you store under your bed. Instruments are one of the most popular items bought and sold in pawnshops. Perhaps it was a gift, or inherited from a grandparent. Maybe you were optimistic of taking lessons or a brief interest in the violin that was never fully developed. In any case, when you need cash fast, that violin may prove to be more useful than you thought.

Evaluate Your Violin Before Coming to Our Pawn Shops

The best way to evaluate your violin is to take it to a professional luthier. This is the best way to maintain the condition of an instrument that either has not been used for a while or a very well used instrument that has not been maintained regularly. A luthier can make minor repairs, cleaning, cosmetic work, or gluing if necessary. Particularly if you own a valuable violin, this step can bring significant value back into your instrument.

Violin Documents

When a maker or dealer sells a violin, they often include a certificate of authenticity. This adds an eSportsmans value to your instrument. If you do not have a certificate, you may be able to get one from a recognized expert in the field, which authenticates the originality of your instrument, particularly if it was handmade by a respected maker.

In addition to the certificate of authenticity, gather any additional information about the instrument. This may include the history, where it was made, where it was used, who played it, and any additional information particularly for vintage instruments. This information gives the instrument a story and may increase resale value for collectors.

Is Your Violin Valuable?

The short answer is yes – all instruments hold some value, but some have a significant value over others. Typically, European and/or American string instruments are more valuable than Chinese instruments. Old or new, violins hold their value based on who made it and where. Without this information, it is difficult to appraise your violin. If you are not sure where your instrument was made, try an independent appraisal from an industry expert before taking the instrument to a pawnshop.

Pawn or Sell Your Violin Instrument?

There are two ways to get cash for your violin at a pawnshop. First, you can sell the violin outright. The pawnshop is an eager buyer willing to give you cash today for your instrument. Selling violins at a pawnshop is an easy way to make quick money without the hassle of posting, waiting, and negotiating with buyers online. Second, you can pawn the violin in exchange for a short-term loan. Typically, these loans are for a small amount of cash payable in a matter of weeks. The violin is used as collateral and is returned to you when the loan is repaid. If the loan is defaulted, the violin becomes property of the pawnshop. However, the loan will only be made in an amount equal to the value of the violin.

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