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Get Cash For Your Wedding Ring Today!

Here at Sportsmans Pawn Shop in Salt Lake City, you can get quick cash for your wedding ring.  If things didn't quite work out as you had planned after your walk down the aisle, it may be time to open the next chapter of your life.  To some, their wedding ring is still sentimental and carries intense feelings. For others, it is nothing more than a valuable asset weighing you down.

Should I Sell My Wedding Ring?

We understand that selling your wedding ring is not something that should be taken lightly. It is probably not a good idea to hit the pawn shop on your way home from the courthouse. Once it's sold – the chances of getting it back if you change your mindis very slim, so don't let anger rule your decision.

Sometimes just having the ring around can bring you down emotionally and remind you of something that once was.Selling or pawning your ring it might be the solution.

If you are going trough a divorce, you know how expensive it can be.  Sometimes it makes sense to sell the ring as a way to cover the costs that arise during the divorce process. It also may help newly single moms to get an apartment or make the mortgage payments until you get back on your feet.

Other ideas are making a charitable donation, or use it to buy a nice gift for your children or friends.Take a vacation, or buy yourself something to start out your next chapter.

Sometimes new divorcees miss wearing something heavy on their left hand, so a pawn shop is a great place to make a swap for your old ring with something new, different, and unique to you.

The Difference Between Pawning Vs. Selling Wedding Ring

You can also opt to pawn loan your ring instead of an outright sale. Simply take your ring to our pawn shop in Salt Lake City and get an all-cash loan for 30-60 days. After the loan period is over, you can decide whether to keep the money, or return the money (with interest) and get back your ring.

How Much Is my Wedding Ring Worth?

Make sure to do your homework before entering the pawn shop and know what you have.  Jewelry stores keep very good records. If you know who purchased it, where, and when – you can probably find all the information you need for your ring. While the intrinsic value of your ring has little to do with how much you paid, it will still give you valuable information on the material, quality, weight, etc.

If you're not sure where it was purchased, you can still get information on your ring from a local jeweler. It is important to understand what your ring is made of, and any details you can gather about the gems before going to our pawn shop to sell, trade, or pawn.

If you don't find what you're looking for here that doesn't mean that we don't have or accept it.Call us to check to see if we have a certain item or if we can accept your pawn item.

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