How Much is my Laptop Worth?


Sarah Rodgers


April 27, 2021

If you're getting rid of your old laptop, you're probably wondering how much it's worth, especially if you need the extra cash for a new one. Well, you've come to the right place. Although I can't tell you exactly how much your laptop is worth, I can give you an estimate and help you determine what you might get out of it. Take your laptop down to Sportsman's Pawnshop today or get a quote from them over the phone if you want to be sure. It's super easy and doesn't take much time. Otherwise, here are some things you need to watch for when you are selling your old laptop, along with a graph of what you're likely to sell yours for depending on the brand. 

Check the condition

If your laptop has dents, scratches, marks, bubbles, or any other sort of damage, your laptop's price has likely gone down quite somewhat. But don't worry, it still might be worth something. However, if your computer doesn't turn on, you might consider just selling it for scraps, which sadly won't be much money, but it's better than nothing. 

If you want to get the most out of your laptop, there are a few things you can do to ripen up the condition and give it a fresh clean. Try your best to remove any marks, blemishes, or other damages from the laptop before you try to sell it. You might be surprised what an excellent clean up can do for your old laptop. 

What brand is your laptop?

One of the greatest things that will impact the price of your laptop is its brand. It will also make a difference depending on the model you own. Older laptops don't sell for as much these days, but you're still likely to get a reasonable price if it's still in good condition. 

Now that we have that determined let's go over the different brands and what they sell for. As you can see in the research below, I've gathered together the prices you are likely to receive for your laptop based on the brand. However, your computer's condition will affect its value and might be worth less than you see in the paragraphs below if there is damage. In each section, I will describe why each laptop sells for cheaper or more based on my research.

How to Find Out How Much My Laptop is Worth

You might be wondering how I got my numbers. Most pawnshops will need to get an estimate of what your laptop is worth before offering any amount of money. If they don't already know on hand, they might use an online store that sells your item used as a reference to see what people are spending on that item. For me, I used eBay. eBay is a site that anyone can use to post and sell old stuff that they no longer need. Because I was doing my research on laptops, I searched for popular brands and what price they were selling for. For this example, let's use the Apple brand.

The first thing I did was type in the item that I wanted to search for. Then on the bottom left of the screen, I selected the brand of that item I was interested in. If you know the exact make and model of your laptop, you can type that into the search to get a better estimate for your laptop. I, on the other hand, just did brands because I don't have a specific laptop to use for this article.

Once I clicked the brand, I scrolled down on the left to where it says condition and clicked on the box next to "used."

Then I scrolled down farther to where it says "show only," and I clicked on the box next to the words "Sold Items." When you click this box, it automatically clicks the completed box as well; you want to unclick on that. If eBay shows you completed items as well as sold items, you'll see results for things that didn't get sold, but instead were completed by the seller.

Once you've done this, you will want to find a few laptops that match yours the best and average out those amounts. If your laptop is missing pieces, has dents/damages, doesn't come with a charger, or other things like that, you will want to find other items on eBay that sold with the same situation. Then you can have an average amount of what your laptop is worth to sell.

How Much Money Can I Get for My Old Acer Laptop?

Selling Prices

Lowest: Around $30.00

Highest: Around $1,649.00

Average: $163.71

While browsing around to find out how much the Acer laptop sold for, I was surprised to find a lot of different varieties of results. Some Acer brands were selling used for up to $1,600, while others didn't even make it past the $50 mark. So doing a little more research here's what I found. The ones that sold for the highest price had very little wear and tear, were released within the last few years, and seemed to have been refurbished to work close to new. The ones that sold for cheaper were missing parts, had various scratches, worn parts, and weren't fully operational. 

While you'd be super lucky to find someone that wanted to buy your old used laptop at $1,600 you might still get a decent offer for it. To get an estimate of what an Acer laptop could sell for, I gathered up all prices from 14 laptops with this same brand and averaged them out to get $163.71, which isn't a bad price for an old Acer laptop. If you have an old Acer laptop that's in good condition and isn't missing any parts, I'd suggest asking around $160 for it. 

If you want cash for your laptop now we can help, Sportsman's Pawn Shop will buy your old laptop today, take it into our shop and get a quote. 

How Much Money Can I Get for My Old Alienware Laptop?

Selling Prices 

Lowest: $57

Highest: $2,699.99

Average: $826.62

I was really shocked to find that the Alienware Laptop didn’t have very many really cheap laptops selling. One of the cheapest ones I found on eBay was a laptop selling for $57. I did some research to discover why that laptop sold for so little when all the other laptops seemed to be selling for higher prices. Sadly the computer had been through pain and heartbreak throughout the years. This laptop didn’t work properly, couldn’t hold a battery charge, didn’t come with Ac adapter, and the battery needed to be replaced. Its only purpose was for collectors who wanted later versions of an Alienware laptop. I’m not saying that you’ll get at least $57 for your Alienware Laptop, but I’d be shocked if you got anything less than $30.

There were a lot of these Alienware laptops that were selling for top dollar prices, but one of the highest prices was one selling for $2,699.99. The only reason this laptop was selling for a lot is that even though it was used, it didn’t have any signs of wear, and it looked and worked like brand new. It also came with the original box, accessories, had RGB lighting, and it even had a warranty on it for accidental damages.

The absolute highest-selling Alienware used laptop was one that sold at a whopping $3,800. I did my research and found out that like the other laptop, this one was like new, rarely been used. The man selling it tried to get into gaming, but it never really clicked. It came with all the original boxing and accessories. This laptop was also able to sell for so high because it was initially bought for $4,200 new. These laptops sell for some good cash if you know how to do it right. But let’s hope you know how to keep your equipment looking and working as good as your gaming skills.

If you want cash for your laptop now we can help, Sportsman's Pawn Shop will buy your old laptop today, take it into our shop and get cash today. 

How Much Money Can I Get for My Old Apple Laptop?

Selling Prices

Lowest: $52

Highest: $1,200

Average: $476.64

While researching how much Apple laptops sell for old, I noticed that there were a lot of old Apple laptops still selling for a reasonable price.

One of the cheapest laptops I found was one that sold for $52. I did some research to see why this laptop had been sold for so cheap and noticed the hard drive had been removed, the hard drive caddy was missing, it was missing some black panel screws, AC adapter was not included, and there was denting on the back and top surface.

One of the highest selling used Apple laptops I found was one selling for $1,200. This was an Apple Macbook Pro that came with a warranty and was made in 2017.

If you want cash for your laptop now we can help, Sportsman's Pawn Shop will buy your old laptop today, take it into our shop and get cash today. 

How Much Money Can I Get for My Old ASUS Laptop?

Selling Prices

Lowest: $26

Highest: $2,711

Average: $560

ASUS laptops are trendy and owned by a lot of people, which means that it might be hard to stand out in the crowd if you are trying to sell it on eBay or any other online store. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

While doing some research on the ASUS laptop, I found one selling for as low as $26. The reason why is apparent. The computer had a variety of wears and scratches, and it also had a broken piece on the bottom right corner. Other than that, it seemed to work pretty well, and it even came with the charger. I guess the condition makes a bigger impact than you would have thought.

I also looked up the ASUS laptops that were selling at a high price and saw one going for $2,711 used. The main reason it was able to sell for a high price was that it was hardly used and didn’t show any signs of wear or damage. It also came with the original box, power cord, manual, and items. Having the accessories sure makes a difference if you want to break the bank for your old computer.

If you want cash for your laptop now we can help, Sportsman's Pawn Shop will buy your old laptop today, take it into our shop and get cash today. 


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