Where to Pawn Musical Instruments


Sarah Rodgers


April 8, 2020

So you are thinking about pawning your instrument for some cash. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Sportsman’s Pawn Shop is a great place to get loans from your old instruments. If you don’t already know, the word pawn is defined as an object left as security for money lent. There are several cases where someone doesn’t want to give up an item but they need cash fast. That’s where pawning comes in. Instead of giving up their item, they leave it at the shop in exchange for cash and leave it there until they are able to pay off their loan. The pawn shop is not allowed to sell the item unless the owner refuses to make payments on their item. In which case they forfeit the item. Not only do we pawn old instruments, but we also buy and sell them, so if you are looking for an upgrade, and if you are interested in starting a band and need some instruments, check out our stalk first. While we may not have as many new editions, we have a large variety of instruments in good condition. But, on the topic of pawning here is a short list of the different instruments that we’ll accept in exchange for a loan. 


We pawn all sorts of brass instruments. Brass instruments are instruments made with brass or metal and make a sound when air is blown inside of them. Some of these instruments include the trumpet, tuba, trombone, french horn, bugle, and cornet


Guitars are one of the most commonly pawned instruments out of the whole bunch. They are super popular and worth a lot of cash, making them a perfect pick for a pawn. We accept all sorts of guitars as well as bass guitars, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, ukuleles, and the banjos.


We also accept percussion instruments. These instruments are ones that make music when they are hit or when they are shaken or scratched, such as drums, tambourines, maracas, cymbals, triangle, chimes, xylophone, and much more. 


Much like guitars, drums are a trendy instrument making them perfect for pawning for some cash. Some of the drums we accept include the bass drum, snare drum, Djembe, goblet drum, banjo drum, floor tom, conga, drum sets, and much more.


If you are looking to get a quick loan, pianos are a perfect fit for the trade. Not only do they cost a lot of money, but they are widely valued among the community. Any type of piano can be accepted for a loan as long as it is in good condition and works.


String instruments are great to exchange for a loan. String instruments are instruments that make music from strings. These instruments include a guitar, harp, cello, violin, viola, and dulcimer


You can also use woodwind instruments to pawn. These instruments make music when wind is blown across the edge, between a reed and surface, or between two reeds. These instruments include a flute, piccolo, Basson, recorder, clarinet, and oboe



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